The Basics Of Earth Healing For Empaths!

Olivia Lundberg

406 Jerry St., #104 · Castle Rock, CO

How to find us

406 is on the same block as Angie's Restaurant. You'll see a window next to the front door that says 404 406 on it. When you enter 406, walk to the end of the hallway past the ladies room. I'm at the very end.

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No, you don't need to heal the there's a way to work your amazing Empathic abilities in an empowered way to help land and spaces come into alignement. Come join us in this one day fun and transformational class and learn how!

Work with your empathic intuitive gifts and spirit guides in an integrity filled and healthy way, without taking on the issues of the earth or getting caught up in trying to heal the land.

There is an easier way to clear and align the land and spaces, without putting your body or being at harm.

This system was channeled by Olivia during her years in practice clearing spaces and land for clients. She was tired of becoming so depleted in the process and asked her earth healing guides and mother earth for an easier way to work together with the energies of the land that is geared specifically for Empaths and their special abilities.

And she's been practicing it and teaching it to others with great success!

Come join her and find out how...

• Find and clear 19 types of imbalances on your land, in your home or any other location.

* Work with maps (see below for instructions on bringing your map to class) to document your findings and the changes you notice taking place.

• Work in tandem with high level guides and receive an attunement connecting you to your True Self, Soure and Divine earth healing gifts, while expanding your intuitive and healing abilities.

• Work in an ethically and integrity-filled way to learn where your gifts are needed most - not what you or others believe is needed.

• Maintain neutrality in working with the earth and its healing.

• Perform an earth healing on the land you choose during class, as you learn.

COST: $225, Receive a 20 page workbook written by Olivia and her guides

*A deposit of $100 (goes to class cost) is required to hold your seat, click here to pay the deposit through my online store:

****RECEIVE 40% OFF a class over $100: if you've already taken it and want to take it again!

If you're interested in taking it again and want the 40% off, please email me to RSVP and prepay (don't sign up via Meetup): [masked]

****PLEASE BRING: a geographic map of your location or a location that you would like to work with to class:

Please print out and bring with you a Google map (print the standard view, do not use the earth view) of your home's location at a scale of 50ft.

To do this, go to google maps:

(,-105.550567,7z) and type in your home address, which will pull up a map of your home location at a scale of 200ft (look down at the bottom right corner to see the scale). Click on the "+"in the bottom right corner two times to zoom in and you will be at a scale of 50ft. Print this page in black and white by clicking the "print" tab in your browsers "file" menu. Do not click on the map at all or it will shift the location and scale. If you do click on the map and it changes the area, please retype your address in the field again and press enter.