In-Person Akashic Reader For Empaths Level 1 Certification!


Join us two Thursdays, December 12th & 19th, from 11-3pm and step out of your Empath Survival fears of staying small and being a channel for other people's stuff into your amazing empowered Empathic Lightworker self and being a channel for your Divine Truth through becoming a Certified Akashic Records Reader!

During this two day class, you'll receive hands on guidance and support from Olivia and her breadth of knowledge working with and understanding the Records. She's given over 1,000 Professional Akashic Readings and loves teaching integrity filled Empathic Intuitives and Healers how to read the Records easily and connect back to their own power and wisdom within themselves.

Unlike an intuitive reading, this process connects you to your soul wisdom and all experiences in physical incarnations (past lives, parallel lives, other dimensions) and in spirit (as the soul, spirit guides for others, in between lives and so on).

Akashic Readings go beyond intuitively reading someone's aura (being a channel for their truths) or talking with deceased loved ones and spirit guides. Akashic Readings connect people to their own inner wisdom and go to the core reasons for what is being experienced and how to understand, flow and work to empower them.

Most every challenge we experience has its roots either in our current life, past lives or lives we led as spirit in other dimensions. Akashic Readings access this wisdom to heal these core experiences with LOVE and compassion and release old subconsciou programs holding people back from creating a life they truly LOVE.

They connect people back to their true essence within themselves, which allows people to feel truly loved, understood and deeply supported by the Universe and themselves.

This connection creates powerful and lasting transformation for yourself and others.

Olivia teaches the Records to enhance your connection to your own wisdom and connection back to your power, which transforms your lifeas an Empath and releases you from taking on other people's stuff or trying to heal them, which are two major issues Empaths in the healing and intuitive fields face.

Come join and and:

• Access and work in the Akashic Records for yourself and others, while connecting back to your truth and True Self.

* Learn Olivia's unique method for reading yourself and others.

• Work with yoru True Self, Source, High Level Spirit Guides, Records Keepers and Master Teachers.

• Get to know the energy found in the heart of the Records, which is the true essence of yourself.

• Receive an attunement to help connect to the subtle energy of the Akashic Records and meet your Akashic Record Reading Guide.

• Practice giving and receiving Akashic Readings inside and outside of class.

• Receive an Akashic Reader Level 1 Certificate.

COST: $375 + $15 book
*A deposit of $100 is required to hold your seat, click here to pay the deposit through my online store:

****RECEIVE 40% OFF a class over $100: if you've already taken it and want to take it again!

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Olivia has developed three levels of unique attunement based Akashic training:

Akashic 1 is the foundational class where you learn to read your own records and the records of others, while connecting back to your power as an Empathic Lightworker.

Akashic 2 goes into advanced detail about the healing energy found in the records and how to work more deeply with your True Self in past lives and other timelines.

Akashic 3 is the advanced level, which teaches you how to find and clear subconscious and soul level blocks in the records.