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    I'm a retired Chemist and I build equipment and furniture. I have a small consulting firm in the area of water purification.
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    Air Force Navigator, Cartgrapher, Geographical Information Systems, Spatial analyst, Woodworker
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    Yes I'm a geek :)
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    Computer Guy
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    Graduated from Job Corp Welding program and I like to make things.
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    I am a computer science student and robotics hobbyist.
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    Lead Designer/Engineer with Chameleon Originals, LLC... "Don't spend all your energy on one thing; learn a bit about as many things as possible"
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    Been a maker for as long as I can remember. I've been building and designing railbikes (www.railbike.com). Love travel and living overseas. Building and designing tools of all sorts. Musical instrument design and construction. CNC and much more!
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    I am interested in Computers, networks, electronics, radio, and many other topics.
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    My favorite programming language has been solder, I'm looking to change that. 20+years as an ET, went back to school to finally get a degree. We did one project with a PIC, I designed the hardware and helped with programming. Looking to learn more.
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    I'm a geek from olympia. I like to code, learn, hack. Give me a cookie and I might even do a trick.
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    MIDI mangler