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Welcome to Olympia Atheists & Agnostics!

Being an atheist in this country can be difficult. Our group's mission to to make things easier for local atheists, agnostics, or anyone questioning religion. We offer a safe haven for those who feel surrounded by religion, and provide a place where you can socialize and make new friends.

Become a member of the Olympia Atheists & Agnostics and help support other atheists in the Puget Sound. Atheists are the least-trusted group in the US, and we face discrimination in employment, military service, child custody, and when running for government office. By providing a safe place for nonbelievers to socialize and be themselves, we help combat that social stigma as people grow more confident to be themselves in other areas of their lives.

This is a safe place for you to express yourself and express your beliefs without harassment or pre-judgment. We provide an outlet for atheists to be themselves. If you can be yourself in a group of like-minded individuals, then we believe you are more likely to be yourself in the rest of the world. We encourage people to come out as atheists at their own pace, because there is strength in numbers.

We offer the following opportunities:

Currently we have a bi-weekly social. (every other Thursday).

If you don't see what you're looking for, suggest an event. convince two more people to go, it will show up on our calendar. Attendance is encouraged, however you do not need to feel as though you must attend every meet-up. There's a great variety of people in this group, young and old, serious and not-so-serious, so you’re bound to find an event or group that will be to your liking.

All events are free of charge (unless otherwise specified) to cover costs such as organizer dues, associated with Meetup.com. We ask that members to please help by donating. Donating can be done at Meet-ups in person or through the “chip in” button on the main page which uses wepay.com to make payments (It is very similar to paypal).

Code of Conduct

As a member of Olympia Atheists & Agnostics Meetup group we have expectations of your behavior. Use common sense, and don't be an asshole. We want to keep a friendly atmosphere here.

Here are issues which can come up and are explicitly expected of members:

• Disagreements will happen, but insults and poor conduct are not acceptable.

• Keep your email signatures short when posting to the mailing list.

• Don’t spam. If you want to promote your product, get to know the people in the group. Be a part of our community. Having a genuine interest in the people of the group is first and foremost. Don’t join because you want to benefit financially from the people of our group. If someone is interested in your product, it should come naturally.

• Don’t accidentally “out” someone. Be sure they’re comfortable with it first. This includes asking a restaurant employee where the Atheist Meetup group is sitting. Big No-No

• RSVP-ing means Un-RSVP-ing when you cannot make it. we understand that sometimes things happen last minute, which means sending a nice message letting me know. Being considerate and inconsiderate is expected and remembered

• We reserve the right to institute a “third time and you're out rule”, and if the act is bad enough, a “get the H*ll out of here rule” will be instituted. Please don’t make me use either of them...

If you see or have a problem, ask to speak with a moderator in private, not in public. We will warn and/or ban members at our discretion.

With that said, please feel free to join in and enjoy what we have to offer!

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