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This Meetup group is for those interested in discussing the ideas of Intellectual Dark Web personalities such as (but not exclusively): Jordan Peterson, Claire Lehmann, Sam Harris, Bret and Eric Weinstein, Heather Heying, Ben Shapiro, Steven Pinker, Camille Paglia, Maajid Nawaz, Douglas Murray. This is not a Liberal verses Conservative Discourse. This is for any interested parties along the Left-Moderate-Right spectrum who can have a conversation in the civil manner that the IDW folks emulate. We can collectively define what this Meet Group is about as we progress.

Intellectual Dark Web: (Common Themes) Individualism vs. Collectivism, Liberty over Authoritarianism, Importance of Freedom of Speech.

Three qualities for IDW membership: 1) The willingness to discuss any topic civilly, 2) Basing one’s opinions on facts and not what is politically convenient, 3) Being willing to stand up to organizations and individuals who are hostile to open debate.

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