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D&D 3.5 Campaign

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Hey fellow RPG enthusiasts!

My Saturday night D&D 3.5 group has two openings for new players. We are a level 8, NG/CN leaning party on a mission to foil the plans of an insidious cult that has plaguing my homebrew world.

If you can commit to a weekly game Saturdays from 8pm to whenever, are over 18, have experience or are at least willing to learn, and you want to throw your hat into the ring against the cannibalistic menace the party is now facing, E-mail me your character sheet and back story.
Party so far consists of: F/Dragon Shaman M/Swashbuckler and I am the F/DM.
Character creation basics: Ability rolls 4d6 drop lowest, standard starting gold + one masterwork weapon of your choice with 2k worth of enchantments, all published 3.5 races/classes considered.

Located in downtown Winlock.
Hope to hear from you soon!

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