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Lovecraftian, Borderlands-ian, High Fantasy Numenera

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Numenera, a tabletop RPG, is based in a far future where the machines of the past are a science so strange to those of the ninth wave of civilization upon Earth that it could almost, ALMOST, be magic. In this world, strange and mysterious creatures roam the dusty and arid world, all consuming and no-where near understandable. They travel the lands where no man (or, yes, woman) wishes to live, in between the various town, cities, bandit camps, and various evil raid bosses' lairs. This game, unlike dnd, is NOT based on combat. It is based on story telling! Thus, experience is not given for fighting, it is given for discovering new things and the game mechanics are centered around function out of combat as much, if not more so, as it is for in combat. If this interests you, then join this game of Numenera!

How to prepare ahead of time:
If you can, read the rule books. The concepts are not difficult and the rules are FAR easier than dnd or pathfinder. The book may be large, but it is simple, and can be found at Forever Knight Games or online (I am unsure about gabby's, but chances are, yes.) Be sure to build a character if you can, including arming them. I am using a few house rules for this campaign as we will be using the Lovecraft (That's Cthulhu and various other stories) in it.

Character Building House Rules:
Glaive: 44 point buy
Nano: 44 point buy
Jack: 46 point buy
(My definition of buy is stats start at 0 and you attribute points into them as you will, this will give players more flexibility in customization in their character play style rather then being stuck in the rule's typical character building, other definitions may differ from mine)
add an extra weakness (Chemical dependency, slow learner, inability to use one arm, faster gain on madness, etc)
Add an extra stat, pool, and edge: Sanity.
55 starting Shin (money)

Of course, you can show up early to the game for character set up. I will be there at noon (12 pm) for character set up before starting the game, which is at 4 pm.

Bring snacks or drinks for yourself or the group if you wish, nothing too much, as it is not a personal space, simply a place to play.

A quick warning, as this game is using elements of Borderlands and Borderlands 2 as well as Lovecraft's 1920 pulp horror, this game will be gory, graphic, offensive, and not safe for children. That being said, it's not going to be off the hook as it IS a public area.


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