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Geek and Gamer Fitness Saturday Morning Class

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No matter your circumstances, or history, you are now a member of The Fit Freak Nation. A nation that is growing each and everyday, all over the world, with new Geek, Nerds, and Dorks.

Everyone is a Geek for something. Everyone has a passion. Maybe you love Star Wars and like having long conversations about if Han Shot First. Maybe you enjoy reading books, and spend long hours at night turning page after page of a good story. The point is it doesn’t matter what kind of Geek you are, everyone is welcome in The Fit Freak Nation!

Geek and Gamer Fitness isn’t your average Gym style training facility. Here, YOU are the machine. We use olympic barbells, bumper plates, pull-up bars, medicine balls, rowers, plyo boxes, climbing ropes, rings and a variety of other gear to provide you with the best and most effective training possible.

Since our equipment and training style is varied, diverse, and intense, the attention you get from our coaches is constant and focused. We offer a variety of memberships options to fit different lifestyles and training schedules.

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