Xavier Lecouturier

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Xavier is a 21 year old, American, drummer, composer, with French and Mexican heritage. He is a Graduate of the Cornish College of the Arts Music Department where he spent his last four years completing his degree. In his four years in Seattle, Xavier primarily focused on developing a compositional and playing style that was manifested in his quintet. He has a commitment to the study and roots of the jazz tradition but also finds all the ways in which the things he carries can influence his music. The music he composes is drawn from the music he grew up listening to, including classical music, latin jazz, Mexican pop-rock, or pop. He is a unique musician and composer that brings something new to the tradition of jazz and modern music. "The care that Xavier takes in his music comes through in every piece. You get the sense he is hearing the whole sound, the whole piece, the whole band and that he is carrying out a unique vision that pushes past the modern boundaries of genre" (Dawn Clement). The quintet was and continues to be a deep source of discovery and growth for Xavier as a musician. Beyond that, he has been an active member of Thomas Marriott's quintet. He also Leads an Octet, "DX-Tet", as well as a big band with his close musical cohort Dylan Hayes.

Xavier recently released his debut album, "Carrier". Xavier discovered a circle of like-minded and talented colleagues after arriving in town from the Bay Area. "Carrier" documents a collection of the original works they've been performing around the region over the last two years, as they looked for, and found, their voice. Featuring through-composed pieces drawing from numerous influences, this album encapsulates the sound, interplay, and collective compositional styles as they nudge boundaries, while staying rooted in a passionate study of the jazz tradition.


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