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This group is for age 18 and over mentors, educators and volunteers on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. K-12 STEM education on the Olympic Peninsula can take advantage of the F.I.R.S.T. Robotics international competition, VEX, and similar programs such as underwater ROV, (MATE) to help our students learn about amazing challenges and opportunities in technology. A number of dedicated teachers and mentors are developing successful groups under various programs and with varied sponsorships. Let's find out who is doing what where! With a nod to Port Townsend High School's trip to the FRC World Championships this past Spring, it's time to grow Robotics opportunities for all students on the Peninsula! What are you involved in and what do you want to create for kids? How many FLL and FTC teams could we develop in time for the next season? Let's start talking, and doing!

You should join if you want to interact with other Peninsula adults who are interested in supporting robotics in the K-12 curriculum and beyond. Our meetups will facilitate planning and communication among the various existing programs, and ease the development of all new and existing programs. This group can serve as a clearinghouse for volunteers, funding, outreach, PR and much more.

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