What we're about

This group is for entrepreneurs who are looking for supportive and experienced community, personal and business growth opportunities, and Mastermind sessions to share ideas, struggles, and insight to help one another flourish and personal and business life. This group is for you if:
->You have a dream about starting your own business
->You want to gain Financial Success & Independence
->You want to Learn How to Brand and Market Yourself
->You already have a successful business and want to Makeover, Overhaul or Focus Your Intention to create the Business of Your Dreams
->You are inspired to create major change or inject new enthusiasm into your business and are looking for the next exciting way to do that

JOIN US and Connect with
Inspirational Coaches,
Branding Specialists,
Financial Advisors & Mentors,
Networking Gurus,
and Successful Entrepreneurs who each have hands-on experience with building their business from the ground up. Our events are Inspirational and Informative. We will help you to DIY (Do-It-Yourself) when it comes to websites, marketing, branding, and figuring out your target market and teach you how to connect with new and amazing clients. We will lead Mastermind Sessions to encourage Accountability & Success and we will create opportunities for you to network with other entrepreneurs and to shift your business from functional start-up to trailblazing success.

Not sure you're ready for the excitement? Are your Fears around failure & success coming up? Uncertain about how to get from just dreaming to Living the Dream? That's OK! We are here to help you Grow, Build, and Thrive in a Supportive and Encouraging Community with events led by Successful and Knowledgeable Guides, Mentors, Advisors & Specialists who will guide you as you move through your fears and blockages and begin to create your dream business. New to this and intimidated? You don't need to be! We each started with just an idea and worked hard to build it in to something more. Some of us have reached our personal and business goals and are working on our next entrepreneurial endeavor, others are just starting out, and we each have something valuable to contribute to the group. Not sure you're in the right place or that you're even an entrepreneur? Know that your beginning curiosity, your enthusiasm, your dream, and even your fears are INSPIRING! You might not see it yet, but the same way our specialists have TONS of wisdom to share and inspire you, your beginning enthusiasm is an inspiration to those who have gone before you. It is a reminder about where we've come from, what we work for, and how fortunate we are and how grateful we must be to be able to live a life we each love.

What you won't find here:
Big Egos or Bad Attitudes

What you will find: A community of Entrepreneurs at various stages in their journey who:
->Are Inspired and Ambitions
->Share Insight, Wisdom & Experience
-> Support and Encourage one another
-> Are Enthusiastic and Excited about your success
-> Are Diverse in experience and can provide new and different perspectives
-> Will hold you accountable to the goals you set for yourself
-> Will encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and push the boundaries around your work to create new opportunities for growth
-> Want to learn from one another
-> Live with Integrity, Honesty, Warmth, Drive, Kindness, Awareness, and Confidence because that's how we do business and life

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