Square dance party! Singles and couples welcome!


• What we'll do
The SE Federation and the York Shirts and Skirts square dance club are kick-starting a new group (Lincoln Square Dancers?) at the Sacred Heart School gym, 540 N. 31st Street, Lincoln Nebraska. This is a wood floor gym. While the schedule may change after the summer they will be twice a month (2nd and 4th Saturdays to start) from Mid-July forward. Because it is not clear how many former square dancers will come out to dance, initially it will be a mainstream dance that will have intro to square dance tips (formatted like traditional square dance where the movements are taught then used for the singing call) alternating with mainstream. I will be calling with very short breaks and no rounds so there will be about the same amount of square dancing as any other dance for the experienced dancers and if they want to act as angels they will get to dance more than at a normal dance. Please share this with your friends in Lincoln who have either square danced in the past or who may be interested in trying square dancing. The goal will be to accept new dancers all the time and if they are interested in learning enough to dance the mainstream program offer lessons once the dance season starts in the fall.

Square dancing is a low impact aerobic exercise. Some people have described it as fast choreographed walking. It can be so much fun that you get lots of exercise without even realizing it.

Square dancing is a non-competitive team sport where the goal is to help all eight people in the square do their best. A caller tells the dancers what to do. The dancers work together to make the choreography come out right. If someone makes a mistake, it adds to the fun as we help each other figure it out. Dancers use their creativity to recover the square to keep dancing when someone gets confused for bit. We laugh at our mistakes or blame them on the caller (usually rightfully so).

Square dancing is exercise for the body but it is also exercise for the brain and a highly social activity. It combines those three items in a way that helps keep dancers on their toes (literally). Learning the calls and then remembering how to execute them when required strengthens the neural pathways in your brain and improves memory. Come join us! It is fun! What do you have to lose?
There will be light snacks at the dances (think cookies) but do come early as they are soon gone. There will be water available. There are lots of local restaurants nearby if you want to go out and socialize afterward. Square dancing is all about having fun and making new friends. Come join us! What are your questions?

• What to bring
Bring a smile. Really, bring a smile, it is more fun to laugh with others when we mess up.
Wear comfortable shoes that you can easily walk in. Some folks like dance shoes but other find that soft sole walking shoes or even tennis shoes work well.
Wear loose comfortable clothing because you will be moving in time to music.
Bring a friend! While it is not necessary to come with a partner you will be temporarily put with a partner to dance. If you have a partner or are a parent without partner it is okay to bring your kids or grandkids as long as they can follow direction and you are willing to supervise them.
Youth from about age 8 and up can learn to square dance, often more quickly than the adults around them!

• Important to know
Square dancing is an event for folks of all ages who can walk and follow directions. All youth under age 16 need to have a parent or guardian with them. If you can drive yourself to the dance you do not need anyone to come with you. This activity is about having fun in a highly social way that promotes friendships. Square dancing has been called friendship set to music and some of those friendships become life long.

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