What we're about

We are a powerful and supportive community of people in the Omaha area who provide honest and kind feedback to help each other reach our self-improvement goals.

We show up, share, learn, celebrate wins, and solve problems. Each monthly Meetup begins with 30 minutes on a self-improvement topic followed by 60 minutes of goal discussion (think: Mastermind).

New members are welcome!

Our promise to each other... We don't judge, we know that no one here needs to be fixed, and we protect each other's privacy. This is an inclusive community where you can feel safe, heard, valued, and encouraged to be yourself. If you feel this promise has been broken, including by me, message me.

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Our favorite habits

Commerce Village

WHAT TO EXPECT 5:30 - 6 PM: Our favorite habits What’s a habit you’ve created that's had a profound impact on your life? We’ll share our personal experiences with choosing, creating, and building on habits that have improved our lives. 6 - 7 PM: Goals Each attendee will have a set amount of time to share one self-improvement goal, reflections on last month, the plan for this month, and any current challenges. We’ll cheer you on and provide our ideas. (When more than 8 people are present, we split into smaller groups. New members welcome!) WHAT TO BRING * Your beautifully open mind * One self-improvement goal or problem you’re trying to solve * Optional: a “show and tell” item of your favorite habit (e.g. gratitude journal, written affirmations, a photo of your meditation corner...) Help us spread the word on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/386064895525965/

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More Joy in 2019 - A discussion of our goals

Commerce Village

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