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What I'm hoping to create here is a collaborative group who work together to support our community to learn what a healthy lifestyle is and the best way to incorporate healthy behaviors in to our busy lives. I will start the group off with my wellness workshop series which I have developed over the last 4 years of clinical practice and we will let the community organically grow from there. What we are looking for is evidence based sensible ways to live a healthy lifestyle!

This group is for people who want to be healthy for the long term. Health is our most valuable asset yet it is something that is wholly taken for granted until it is gone. Statistically Americans are getting sicker with chronic illness every year and the evidence suggests that many of these diseases ARE preventable with a proper lifestyle. My aim with this group is to provide up to date, evidence based workshops in order to inform members how they can avoid this in their lives. It's that simple. The workshops are FREE...yes really free. There is no catch and no fine print. The information in these workshops has changed my life and the lives of several of my patients and I enjoy providing this information to as many people as I can. That is why I am starting this group. The workshops will be held at my office on 156th and Maple and will be held on a semi-regular basis. There are 5 workshops in total; the first workshops defines the problem and discusses what wellness actually is, then there is a workshop on eating well, one on thinking well, and one on moving well, finished by a workshop on pain and body dysfunction and the effect of those things on our health.

If you are at all interested in understanding health this is a group for you. What have you got to lose? Come check out the workshops. I promise you'll never be aggressively sold anything, there are no sales pitches just opportunities for you to learn about and engage in healthy behaviors!

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