What we're about

This Meetup will bring together people that were once in heterosexual marriages or relationships and now no longer identify as heterosexual.

I believe that many people in the LGBTQIAPK (and ever-growing inclusivity) have gone through many adversities to coming around to accepting themselves. Before getting my divorce, I would go online and try to read things for inspiration, motivation, connectivity, validity, to make sure I wasn't crazy, and just to feel like I wasn't alone. I often found stories that were outdated, stories from the perspectives of older gay men and women (totally acceptable), and nothing on younger adults.

I want this Meetup to open the lines of communication for people that have been through this, is going through this, or battling with acceptance of self. I want this Meetup to help us offer compassion to ourselves and others. I'd like to get healthy open dialogue going so we can heal as we learn from our experiences together.

Perhaps we can open the communication for those we hurt from our separations (the other spouse, partner, child/children, etc.) and see what impact it had on their lives and how it feels or felt for them.

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