What we're about

One Fire is an alliance of all Native Americans living in the North and East Texas areas and their allies. Our goal is to embrace our heritage and learn more about the various tribes we come from, all while championing Native American causes on the local and national level.

No tribal registration? No problem! Many of those with Native American ancestors in the US don't qualify for tribal registration for one reason or other, most often because their ancestors didn't trust the government enough to sign the registration rolls. In this way, One Fire aims to become a tribe for the tribe-less.

Those with tribal registration are more than welcome to join, too! Your culture is our culture; your issues, our issues.

Not of Native American descent but wish to help? You're desperately needed, too! We need allies of all races to help us champion Native American causes, such as access to clean water for the nearly 30% of Native American households living without plumbing, and clean up of the contamination from abandoned uranium mines roughly 600,000 Native Americans are affected by, leading to them developing cancer and other chronic health problems.

We are One Fire - let us burn brightly, together!