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Learn Sacred Dineh (Navajo) Creation Teaching from a Traditional Spiritual Elder

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Dineh Creation Journey Narrative

describing Psychological and Physical Healing with

Spiritual Elder Phillip BlueHouse

Please help us to welcome Phillip Bluehouse, Traditional Healing Facilitator (Medicine Man...shhhh) from Fort Defiance Arizona as he shares very special materials about Dineh (Navajo) Cosmology.

Saturday Nov 3, 7:00-10:00pm at our Kiva Lodge

Mr. BlueHouse will provide a narration of Dineh oral tradition, using sacred objects and sand painting. This beautiful narrative describes the Creation Journey, and uses metaphors, analogy and scientfic data in order to convey spiritual, psychological and physical healing paradigms.

Mr. BlueHouse was kind enough to invite us into his Hogan in Fort Defiance while we had a Gathering of Healers, and this narrative is the one he gave at that time.

It was truly magical, and will not be found in any book or online materials. After years of studying Dineh traditions in readings, his narrative made everything totally clear. The paralells between science and Dineh cosmology are striking, as well as connections to other major world cosmologies!

Great session for beginners to advanced students.

Donations 1-$50 sliding scale


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