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Galactic Alignment Ceremony 2012

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Galactic Alignment Ceremony

Bring in the energies of the Golden Age and Divine Feminine with Grandmother Flordemayo of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Council, as well as Don Patricio Dominguez and a council of Spiritual Elders. Celebrate, pray, sing and learn about community and various traditions. This 3-Day event is intended to greet the energies of the Divine Feminine, and to send off the hard, dense energies of the Kali Yuga.

Come prepared for potlatch giveaway, ceremony, initiation of golden light, dance, prayer and music!

Part of this event will be fed live into the Shift Network at

36 Hours of Ceremony - Galactic Alignment

Beginning under the open sky at the sacred fire, in Estancia, New Mexico, at sunset, Thursday December 20, ending at noon on Saturday December 22. The Main Ceremony and activities will take place at 3pm on December 21st and will be broadcast through The Shift Network along with dozens of other events around the world.

Together with Spiritual Elders and community members, we will start the sacred fire with prayers to close the old age at sunset December 20. We will require the assistance of many volunteers to tend the sacred fire throughout the 36 hour event, organized into teams of people in prayer that will be relieved every two hours. Rare Earth Foundation has provided us with ashes from Sacred Ceremonial fires from around the globe, which we will use to unite our prayer with the people of the world!


Sunset December 20th at 4:00pm: First Ceremony
We will light the sacred fire for the Gathering, and it will be kept in prayer for the 36 hours of Ceremony. This Gathering is a time to don your ceremonial regalia if you wish, and definitely bring your sacred objects and your instruments! We will unite in prayer in order to send off the old energies and close out this 26,000 year cycle with thanksgiving and release of that which no longer serves our higher good. Pipe ceremony for those wishing to unite in further prayer.

People in the circle tending the sacred fire will be instructed on the details of this ceremony. Please contact [masked] and indicate also at Meetup, at Urban Shaman.

Noon, December 21: Community Activities
Talking circle - Before our event our elders will facilitate a teaching around empowering the self in the context of a community unit. This will include traditional teachings from native wisdom keepers, as well as contemporary tools in nonviolent communication and women’s empowerment.
Sacred Dance - Drum Circle with social dance and chanting. Song and regalia welcome.
Pot Luck - Bring a dish to share with all, especially thinking of covering your own special dietary needs. We will offer a dish to share with everyone.
Film Interviews - CNTK will provide camera and sound crew to conduct brief interviews with participants to be posted on YouTube after editing.

3pm on December 21: Main Ceremony
Modified Fire Ceremony - The main ceremony consists of two rounds of offerings to the sacred fire and creator in round one the circle will be instructed to to remember the good they have enjoyed in the old age and present their offering to the fire in thanksgiving for those blessings in round two the circle will be instructed to call up their wishes and intentions for the new golden age.
Initiation of the Golden Light - Experience the initiation of light during this special initiation, designed to harmonize the recipient with the finer, Golden Energies of the coming Era.

Sunrise December 22: Closing Ceremony
First Sunrise of the New Era - Prayers to welcome the new age and blessings for all creation.
Passing on of the Staff - Passing on the staff of leadership from the masculine to the feminine. The women in the circle who choose to do so will be given a staff with a piece of cord from the staff of the Grandmothers . These women will be initiated as “Clan Mothers” and given staffs to carry and pass on to their daughter or grand daughters for the duration of this age.
Closing the Ceremonial Fire - The sacred fire will be allowed to expire after this ceremony, and participants will be welcomed to take home cinders from the Sacred Fire after ending this event.


POTLUCK - Bring dish of choice

POTLATCH - Bring giveaways you love and gifts for each other

OUTDOOR EVENT! - Make sure that you bring adequate warm clothing. Only fire keepers will be able to stay on the premises overnight and, as such, in a tent

ACCOMMODATIONS - Nearby hotels in Moriarty (30 min), or Albuquerque (1 hour)