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Soul Retrieval - Journey

Price: $20.00 /per person

CNTK Urban

1524 8th St NW · Albuquerque, NM

How to find us

Park on Bellamah, follow the red fence, and come in back garden to kitchen door. 382-5275

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Soul Retrieval

Taking Back the Pieces of Your Heart

What contracts have you made that you would like to renegotiate?

Learn about the traditional shamanic practice of Soul Retrieval and regain your personal power. Great healing can take place when we communicate with parts of ourselves that are usually left unnoticed or misunderstood.

When we experience trauma (kind of unavoidable in life!) pieces of our heart can fragment and separate off. They may await us in the Underworld, though they continue to havea profound effect on our waking life, whether we notice it or not.

Often times they can be retrieved by journeying to the Underworld, or the Unconscious realm.

In this place mostly the mssages and meanings are disguised in symbolic language. We will discuss the language that is used there, and how to begin interpret journeys.

Journey to the Underworld in a collective and begin to understand how the process of Soul Retrieval works.

What parts of your Self would you like to reclaim?