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Do you wanna go on an adventure? Come to the Barbican every Tuesday, where we'll be playing whatever role-playing games we can get our hands on! Come along if you're a total newbie who's just heard of this weird thing called "Dungeons and Dragons", or if you're a total pro who's looking for something you've never played before, I'll be running games for all skill levels and helping to teach people how to play RPGs.

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The party find themselves transported to the Feywild, a mysterious realm of bright colours and strange creatures. But the world is still in danger! There are only two ways out of the Feywild: stumbling blindly into a portal where the borders between worlds are thin enough to traverse; or building an arcane compass to track one down yourself. Fortunately for the party, there is an arcane library a few days' march east which could hold the answers they require... This campaign is currently for fourth-level adventurers, so bring along a fourth level character. If you cannot make one before the day, I am usually there early so I can guide people through the process. Dice, pens and snacks can be provided, just make sure you bring your own drinks.

D&D: Welcome to the Leilon “One Shot” Campaign.

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Scenario 1b - Death in the Woods the Conclusion After getting to the village of Woodside and then narrowly escaping jail after the bar brawl at the “Meetup Inn” you agree to help Erin find out what has happened to her fiance the wood cutter Willem. You also want to find out what is causing the strange disappearances and deaths of the loggers in the nearby Ancient Forest of Oakwood. During your investigation you are attacked by strange living thorn bushes and narrowly escape the same fate as the loggers. Where have these unnatural creatures come from and why are they killing people? Is there something even more sinister behind them and does this have any connection to Willems disappearance? This is for 1st Level characters who will be used in a loose set of one shot adventures centred around the region of the abandoned town of Leilon New players, bring along a level 1 character if you want to join in - if you don't know D&D, Tim is normally at the Barbican by 4pm so can guide you through creation. As usual, dice and snacks can be provided, but you might want to bring your own drinks. Please hookup on the Discord channel for the latest updates and discussions. https://discord.gg/KR9dxpT

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Curiousity Killed the Tabaxi: One Shot!

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