What we're about

OneSoul is a non-profit organization on a quest to create a community that embraces spirituality as a pillar for well-being.

Borrows from the traditions of the French salon and Indian satsang – gathering to hear about central “truths” to live an enriched and meaningful life
Events and programs:
We include world’s top thinkers and speakers from various disciplines
We integrate strands of human knowledge and spiritual wisdom traditions to enhance the quality of life
Aspiration: true in-real-life connectedness -- the cultural and spiritual antidotes to a stressful, digitized, and disconnected way of life

Our mission is to create a strong community principled on the fundamentals of spirituality. We create a place to feel a sense of inclusion, connection, and human warmth. In doing this, we can help replenish our personal strength, creativity, and repose. As we promote compassion and spiritual intelligence, we lay the foundations for a stronger society.

Past events (5)

ACT2HACK COVID Global Hackathon

Online event

AAPM Excellence in Precision Oncology 2019 (ExPO2019)

Ohana Floor, Salesforce Tower East, San Francisco, CA

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