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OneHub. Newcomers Networking Group Kickoff Event
This meetup is for Newcomers! The OneHub Business Development Centre is pleased to invite you to join our OneHub Newcomers Networking Group kickoff event. The OneHub Newcomers Networking Group is aimed to help newcomers to overcome cultural and communication challenges at the workplace. Speakers, mentors and business owners are invited to the workgroup to share their experiences and to provide guidance on job and business opportunities. As a result, we are hoping that the newcomers can make themselves more marketable in the Canadian job market. This OneHub Newcomers Networking Group has been endorsed by newcomers centres, such as CICS (Centre for Immigrant and Community Services); JVS; Job Skills and Skills for Change. We hope that you will be able to show your support to the newcomers, encourage all the newcomers to join our networking group. Looking forward to seeing you at the networking event. Tentative Agenda 18:00 Registration and refreshment 18:30 Welcome speech 18:35 Guest speaker 18:40 Guest speaker 18:45 Thank you speech 18:50 Newcomers introduction 19:15 Closing remarks and networking 19:45 Roundup and info for the next coming event About OneHub Business Development Centre OneHub is a Business Development Centre located at Markham which designed for immigrant entrepreneurs, students, and SME business owners to deepen their understanding of the business world. We organize networking events, seminars, courses and business support designed for people who want to improve the own skills while navigating the challenging, ever-changing business landscape. OneHub supports the community.

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What we're about

The best ways to learn about an industry, company, or position that you are interested in is to learn about it from someone that is connected to it firsthand. OneHub meetup provides you with a platform for networking through an educational topic which can be most beneficial. Learning about a specific field of interest and various industries provide you with an opportunity to gain knowledge and explore new ideas.

Who should join
* Business owner looking for networking professionals;
* Startup and entrepreneur like to prepare for your new chapter;
* People interested in starting a business

About OneHub

A unique innovative center located in Markham designed for immigrant entrepreneurs, students, and SME business owners to deepen their understanding of the business world.

We have programs, seminars, and courses designed to prepare even novices for business success. We also offer facilities to provide essential resources that will strengthen, enhance, and grow your business.

We add value to you and your organization, helping you improve your own skills while navigating the challenging, ever-changing business landscape. Simply put, OneHub is the ultimate place for business.

We support the community and help Immigration EntrepreneursWe provide training and business support for University Students We offer a one-stop business solution, including virtual office services, for SME business owners

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About Eddie

Eddie is the founder of the First Financial Controller and OneHub Business Development Centre. Being the Toronto business speaker series host, Eddie was the CFO and Operational Executive Officer at Acer Group for many years. He has also worked with Nygard International, one of Canada’s largest women’s fashion companies, as Corporate Controller.

Eddie started his career in Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group in 1981 and later in 1986, he joined a pioneering firm to establish five world-class restaurants in the Shenzhen International Trade Business Centre. In 2000, Eddie also worked as a venture capitalist in Shanghai and H.K., responsible for executing investment opportunities.

Having extensive working experience across the world, Eddie has developed his leadership skills in Toronto, Winnipeg, London, Zurich, Milan, Paris, San Jose, Barcelona, Stockholm, H.K., Taipei, Beijing, and Shanghai and had lived in Europe for more than ten years.

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