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Orgasmic Mastery Lecture With Ken Blackman & Rachel Cherwitz

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Imagine the the most sensational moment of your life.

This singular moment, a moment of greatest TurnON, greatest pleasure, greatest one-ness with the world, is one that you probably would like to experience more often. Usually we attribute such "peaks" in life to random chance; a lover, fortunate circumstances, a moment of clarity beyond one's control. What if you could have that all the time? Maybe even more sensational, pleasurable, and connected than you've ever experienced before?

Orgasmic Mastery doesn't mean you are mastering a moment of contraction in intercourse. In fact, orgasmic mastery isn't necessarily sexual. The mastery involves incorporating greater awareness, higher sensation, and deeper human connection into EVERY moment of your life.

This Friday, OneTaste senior faculty Ken Blackman & Rachel Cherwitz will be leading a discussion on opening your orgasm to a whole new level of pleasure and intimacy. They will pull back the hood to give you a peak at what's possible, using their own experiences and the subtleties of their relationship as the medium with which to communicate.

It promises to be a hot & revealing evening...Come feel it for yourself!