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Oneness Gatherings are to promote fellowship and meaningful conversation sharing our realizations and experiences regarding Oneness - our universal interconnectedness. Topics include spiritual, philosophical and scientific wisdom on consciousness and interconnectedness from various schools of thought.

Oneness is not affiliated with any religion nor does it favor one thought or faith tradition over another. People of all thoughts, philosophies, faith traditions, races, genders, and sexual orientations are invited to participate - discrimination of any sort is strictly prohibited. Participants must be respectful and open to concepts that may challenge their beliefs. Preaching of religious dogma or any attempt at wanting to convert participants to any religion or thought shall be prohibited. All interactions must be respectful and avoid personal attacks - no outburst of anger shall be tolerated.

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What is Reality?

3303 San Benito Ct

Topic 1: What is Consciousness? - Discussion and Dinner

3303 San Benito Ct

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