Oneness Blessing Meditation

Oneness Nashville
Oneness Nashville
Public group

Every week on Thursday

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Easy to follow Meditations & Processes to Destress & Refresh over your lunch hour.
We’ll also share the Oneness Blessing for Awakening & Deepening a Connection to ones own Higher Consciousness, for increased states of Calm, Peace, & Joy.

Welcome new comers & seasoned seekers alike. No previous experience or preparation is necessary.

Donations suggested to go toward the use of the yoga studio space.

***Floor mats and optional chairs are provided.

*** We will lie down in shavasana (flat on floor with palms facing skyward) for a short time after the meditation.

People who have received the Oneness Blessing have reported an on-going quieting of the mind, a healing of the heart, more nurturing relationships, healed family relationships,
increased prosperity, strong mystical experiences, a beautiful flow of synchronicities, and greater states of peace and joy that follows them into their daily lives.

Partaking of the Oneness Blessing is not a religion or path; it requires no allegiance to any beliefs, doctrines, or practices. With surprising ease, it opens the door to discover & experience fully, an interconnectivity that is unique, extraordinary, and true for you.
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More on Oneness Blessing:

The Oneness Blessing is rooted in a very ancient phenomenon that initiates a neurobiological shift in your brain.

During the Oneness Blessing, the brain’s addictive neural circuits, that channel the destructive tendencies of the unconscious, break, and new neural connections are formed. Consciousness undergoes a transformation, allowing for the experience of greater states of calm, peace, joy. As our connection with the divine/higher consciousness grows, the power of the Blessing flows more magnificently and powerfully