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Oneness is an organization founded in India, by the founders of Oneness University, that has spread across the globe. The vision is of the organization to help in Awaken Humanity to Higher States of Consciousness and experiences of Oneness.

If you are looking to flower into higher consciousness, are noticing a process of Awakening within you, or are simply a Seeker of deeper experiences on your path, then we invite you to join in.

We offer you a sacred energy practice known as Deeksha (the Oneness Blessing) that helps to flower the heart and consciousness. The Oneness Blessing supports and deepens any spiritual path or life experience.

We currently host weekly and monthly meetings to gather in meditation, the Oneness Blessing, connection, and the processing of life experience. The space and meeting is open, supportive, and community oriented.

Benefits of the Oneness Blessing:

• Awakens creative potentials, abilities and intelligence

• Resolves inner conflict leading to inner peace and harmony

• Brings love to relationships

• Evokes affection and a sense of connection with the other

• Heals the body by healing the mind and infuses vitality

• Invokes positive energies

• Makes possible a mental frame for abundance

• Initiates a journey into experiencing unconditional love and joy

• Initiates a journey into Awakening and God Realization

• And more

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Oneness Meditation

Broadmoor Arts and Wellness Center

The Oneness meditation is open to all paths, and meditative practices. Use the time and space to connect with your Self, Divine, Higher Self, Religious Figure, or any connection that exists within your heart. Accompanied by guided meditation, the intention of gathering is to promote the experience the Oneness within one's self and others. The Meditation begins at 6pm, and ends at 7pm. Other Potential Benefits include: • Healing the body by healing the mind and infuses vitality • Invoking positive energies • Creating a mental frame for abundance • A Deepening on the Journey of Awakening And more

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Oneness Meditation

Broadmoor Arts and Wellness Center

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