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Join us for a VERY special event! We will have Awakened person Skip Miller here to offer the very powerful Oneness Meditation, along with several other Awakened people, including Margaret Nichols of New York City and Sherolyn Haakstad of Nelson, BC, Canada, who will share with us their experiences, answer questions, and offer Oneness Awakened Deeksha!

If you're looking for something to bring about a major shift, THIS is the event to attend!

You will receive many deekshas/blessings that will raise your consciousness. Many people worldwide have reported having beautiful experiences and/or states as a result of these events. I am happy to share with you my personal experiences, if you want to get a better idea. (Email me at [masked], or attend a Sunday Deeksha/Blessing event.)

Why should you attend Shift Into Awakening?

--Attend because you have been looking for something to shift in your life, because you are exhausted by your internal conflict, because you just want to Feel Better! These deekshas will get the energy MOVING within you, and this can lead to not only feeling better, clearer, lighter, more connected and Joyful internally, but also external circumstances will start to shift as a result of this internal shift. Improved/healed relationships, healing of the physical body, and improved finances are just a few of the possible external changes that can come very easily from receiving deeksha and raising your consciousness.

And if nothing else, join us just because you're curious. Actually, that is a great state of mind to be in for this event -- CURIOUS! :)

Suggested donation of $10. There will be light refreshments after the event + community time! :)

Bonus Blessing: Bring a friend and you will automatically receive extra goodness for assisting in another's Awakening. Besides, isn't it more fun to have someone to share it with? :)

Looking forward SO much to sharing this amazing event with you all!

What are the effects of the Oneness Blessing? The energy is intelligent and it interacts and transforms eac

h person in a manner that is particular to that person’s needs.

Why Oneness Blessing?

Awakens Intelligence Opens the doors of consciousness Enhances memory retention Increases ability to learn Creates better hemispheric synchronization Brings love to relationships Heals hurts Increases listening Awakens compassion Instills affection Infuses vitality Heals the body by healing the mind Improves metabolic activity Relaxes the body Helps build love and appreciation for the body Invokes auspicious energies Creates a prosperity consciousness Removes blocks that hinder success Makes possible a mental frame for abundance Shift Into Awakening

This Energy Transference (deeksha), is specific for Enlightenment and Awakening Higher Consciousness. It will be given by local, regular people who are known to be Fully Awakened by support of the very gift they will share with you.

These 'Average North Americans' are enjoying high states of consciousness, likened to the great sages of ancient times and want to support you in experiencing this exceptional state of being for yourself.

“Over a hundred million people across the planet are experiencing this Divine Phenomenon known as Deeksha, which starts a profound process of Spiritual Awakening in a person."

Studies by scientific researchers with Buddhist Monks and longtime meditators have shown in the MRI of their brains, that the areas of the brain that are linked to higher-order cognitive functioning that generate joy, happiness, peace, love, and empathy are activated in deep states of meditation. Through the Oneness Meditation and Deeksha you can initiate this process into a permanente awakened state.

Awakened Meditators generate a strong field of consciousness, which can elevate one’s own consciousness by impacting the brain's function, switching off stress-reactivity, and enhancing one’s spiritual development and growth. Being in the presence of this Sacred Phenomenon is unprecedented to the masses... now it is here for us all to partake in. To uplift all of Humanity in this Great Golden time of Change.

These wonderful people are coming together solely from the love in their hearts to enrich and support the Awakening of Humanity.

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