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Awakening Metairie Mondays - We will have a teaching and contemplation, meditation, sacred energy transfer called Deeksha. Afterwards each week, we have community time and enjoy tea in the common area of the tea spa.

Oneness complements any and all spiritual/religious practices, or lack thereof. If you are seeking something and can't quite put your finger on what it is, come receive Deeksha! If you need things in your life to shift, Oneness will flood energy into that part of your life and yourself. Deeksha/Oneness Blessing is a direct transfer of intelligent sacred energy which causes the heart to open, quiets the chatter of the mind, opens the door to higher states of consciousness, and initiates a process of Awakening. Deeksha is delivered by the Deeksha Giver placing his/her hands on the head of the receiver. Oneness does not belong to any religion, it is used in support of one's current beliefs.

There is no charge to attend Deeksha + meditation. A small donation to help cover the cost of the space rental is appreciated, but not required. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. :)

What are the effects of Deeksha/Oneness Blessing? The energy is intelligent and it interacts and transforms each person in a manner that is particular to that person’s needs.

Why Deeksha?

Awakens Intelligence

Opens the doors of consciousness

Enhances memory retention

Increases ability to learn

Creates better hemispheric synchronization

Brings love to relationships

Heals hurts

Increases listening

Awakens compassion

Instills affection

Infuses vitality

Heals the body by healing the mind

Improves metabolic activity

Relaxes the body

Helps build love and appreciation for the body

Invokes auspicious energies

Creates a prosperity consciousness

Removes blocks that hinder success

Makes possible a mental frame for abundance

Video about Oneness featuring our Guide at Oneness University, Doug-ji:

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