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This is just a reminder that I can be contacted at any time to discuss self improvement and personal development in mind, body and spirit - health, career and relationships. Contact me through Facebook, Google+ or Skype:

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This group can transform your life. This group is about success. We define success as:

1) A career that we find satisfying. Do something you love, love the thing you do, and manage life and finances so that they fit one another.

2) Physical health and fitness. A body which we would find desirable if we were the opposite sex. One which has the energy and aliveness to support us in our dreams.

3) A healthy, committed primary relationship. A stable, loving relationship with a partner we admire and lust after, who is also a friend and helpmate.

Topics: Personal development and self improvement, physical fitness and personal health, philosophy, art and culture, spirituality and higher states of awareness, intimacy and personal relationships, financial improvement and goal setting.

This group is about you. What do you most want out of life? What is most important to you? What aspect of your life do you most want to improve? You can transform your life, easier than you know. This is the only life you're given. Play it to win.

You are welcome to join and discuss and learn and grow with us, here.

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