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Vanessa Fisher is an author and theorist of gender and feminist studies, art, aesthetics, and popular culture. On today's Diamond Hour, Vanessa will be discussing the state of sexuality, eroticism, feminism, aesthetics and spirituality in contemporary society. This is certain to be a thought-provoking and stimulating discussion.

Steve Barnes will be meeting on Talkshoe. Steve and I would like to invite you to come and listen, and join in if you'd like. This is your chance to meet and talk with Steve, who I've been annoying all of you with for some time now. I hope you don't miss this opportunity.

Do you want boundless energy? A blossoming career filled with such joy you would do it for nothing? To find your Soul Mate? All of these things can be yours. They will require work, yes. But the road to mastery is not invisible. It has been hidden in a maze of lies and confusions. There are many paths leading to it, and the safest, most certain is simply to swear to become a balanced, healthy, loving human being...and then be responsible for the results you get. You have to declare the truth: You want LOVE. You want SUCCESS. And you want a BODY with boundless energy and health. It is your journey to create these three critical aspects SIMULTANEOUSLY that you will meet the real you. And then, the genuine journey of your life begins. Be the hero in the adventure of your lifetime.

Steven Barnes is a bestselling novelist, lecturer, martial artist and yoga instructor who has created a number of transformative technologies centered around simple concepts that require little time for massive results. Learn more about his approach at

In these podcasts, we will discuss the technologies of change and growth, and ways to apply them, NOW, in your own life.

The online Meetup is on All setup instructions can be found at If you're having trouble, contact me, and I will help you.

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