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Hey there I hope ye are all well? I think what better time to start an online film & book club than now? In these difficult times when our social lives have stopped. So this club is for people who would like to converse about an interesting book or film or tv programme they have seen but not chatting about the latest in any tv soap. Just some suggestions of topics we could chat about films or book we have seen or read about, travel, food, wine, history, politics, music, autobiographies or biographies, animals, inventions, etc etc ....... Club open to all ages once you have something interesting to say!😂 As this is an online club it is open to anyone in any part of the country. You could also chat about & suggest any good show, play or comedian you had seen in theatre or tv. Some day we will be left out again!🙂 & may like to see production you have suggested. It will be chatting on the public part of the site but private messages will be open to you but I think public part better as lots of people can join in. We are all adults so it is important that we all respect eachother's views even if we don't agree with them so only pleasant interaction in this club. Ye can start chatting at any time after joining as we don't need alot of members to start chatting. 🙂

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