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Self-Sustainable Full Day Workshop with Cam Mathers

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Price: CA$90.00 /per person
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This is a special event being held at the off-grid, self-sufficient home of Cam Mathers. Cam Mathers is a self-sustainable survivalist, growing his own food and generating his own power on over 150 acres of property north of Napanee, Ontario. He and his wife (Michelle) are the authors of many books relating to all things survival and self-reliance. They've enjoyed a lot of media coverage including this interesting survival podcast with Jack Spirko (

This unique event is a full day workshop with Cam and his wife Michelle walking us through everything we need to be completely self-sufficient. The traditional cost for this event is $120, however, I've managed to negotiate with Cam for a rate of $90 per person. All funds associated with this event are going to Cam and Michelle for taking the time to teach about their living sustainably skills throughout the day.

As per a recent email from Cam: "We would discuss our power systems, heating system, fuel, water, and food. There can be an extensive discussion of food from growing to storing and tour of the gardens. We can also discuss my take on security."

Cost: $90 person, kids ($10 to cover food). Price includes one of Cam's books and lunch

Deposit Required: To reserve a spot for this event please provide a $25 deposit to Cam and Michelle on their website link specifically set up for this event here:

Date/Time: October 6th from 10am to 5pm

Location: Cam's self-reliance property in Napanee, Ontario.

Carpools: I have 3 spots available and I will be able to drive anyone that can make it to York Region. If you can offer a drive or need a drive then please post accordingly in the comments section.

Note: Please only RSVP to this event only if you can attend. If we can get atleast 10 people to show up at this event then the rate of $90 will drop down to only $75 per person.

From Cam's website (

The Living Sustainably and Independently, Ready for Rough Times, Hands-On, Solar-Powered, All You Can Grow Workshop

With the realities of the on-going financial crisis, climate change, resource depletion and peak oil, people want a strategy for personal solutions.

• How should you power your home, from electricity to heat?

• How do you grow and store more of your own food?

• How do you change your relationship with money to deal with uncertain times?

The workshop will take place at our off-grid home and will include a tour of the independent electrical system, the garden, root cellar, berry patch, woodlot, pantry and everything in between. You will leave inspired and with the tools you need to assess where you are in these challenging times and how to get to where you want to be. It will also be a great chance to meet others who share your goals to help you develop a network of like-minded people.