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The Great OPSN Survival Game Challenge

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ARK 2 Nuclear Fallout Shelter/Bunker

537157 County Road 14 · Horning's Mills, ON

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It’s time. Something has happened and now you have to bug out. What do you do?

A virus known as H3N8 has broken out within the city of Toronto. You need to get away from people fast! You’re objective is to get to the safe-haven and you’ll need to endure a series of tasks to ensure your safety and survival to prevent infection. A series of clues, tests and other challenges await you which are all prepper and survival related.

In honor of the Ontario Prepper Survival Networks 1st year anniversary we’re putting on this very special event just for you and it’s all free. Food and accommodations are all taken care of. You are not required to participate in the challenge and can simply observe although I’m confident invaluable limits will be learned if you decide to test yourself.

The OPSN Survival Game Challenge is a fun, 2 hour test in which participants enjoy a series of real-life prepping experiences to see if they have what it takes to survive. Following the event we will have a massive BBQ.

This Year’s Theme: Viral Pandemic!

Cost: FREE!

What: A 2 hour survival challenge to test your survival and prepping skills

Where: The Ark 2 nuclear fallout bunker/shelter

When: The event will take place on Saturday, October 26th.

Why: In honor of the 1st year anniversary of the Ontario Prepper Survival Network.

Accommodations: This is a one-day event, however, you are welcome to camp out on the property on the Friday night or Saturday night.

Food: The Ontario Prepper Survival Network will be supplying dinner with a few different options including a gluten-free chili.

Age & Physical requirements: This event is open to all ages and physical requirement demands. You are not required to complete any physical tasks if you don’t want to and can still participate as other skills and tasks may be presented to you.

Personal Requirements: Your bug out bag is the only thing you need to bring with you. Just place everything that you think you need to survive a viral pandemic for one day in a backpack bag. Our invaluable member Colleen has a great bug out bag…but is it enough for a viral pandemic?

Challenge Requirements: You will endure a series of survival related tasks. While some are physical you won't be required to participate, however, there will be alternative 'tests' which you must take on.

Our honored special guests that will be assisting the OPSN during this event:

Peter, Doug, Joe, Zombie Survival Camp, Phil, Wolfmaan, Sue and Colleen.

Our guests are involved in the following organizations which I encourage everyone to check out:

United Survivalist Network of Ontario (

CanAm Preppers (

School in the Woods (

Wolfmaan (

Barefoot Bushcraft Radio Show (

The Resilience Centre (

Zombie Survival Camp (

People will be scored for based on age groups, sex, stamina, knowledge and experience in which all will be taken into consideration. There will be a series of prizes based on a variety of criteria. This is going to be an amazing day and evening that will challenge all us in many areas in the realm of survival and prepping.

Please feel free to contact me ( with your questions or comments directly or simply post a comment below.