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What we're about

We strive to bring together technical/software business and thought leaders to cross-pollinate and develop new, innovative approaches and reflect on architect-ing. We don't discriminate based on programming language, operating system, or brand of laptop. We drop old preconceptions and recognize that a significant shift is underway when RedHat is part of the .Net Foundation, Microsoft is a member of the Linux Foundation and Microsoft Sql Server runs on Linux.

Bring your creative ideas! Let's engage one another, challenge one another, build and destroy things together.

We recognize current challenges in the profession and the industry:

- Exponential technological evolution/explosion of stacks, patterns, products, approaches - how can we keep up? What am I missing?

- Trade offs between being a coding architect, a consultative/artifacts/standards architect and many more...

- Adding value as an architect in an Agile driven organization

- Differing opinions on the value of a distinct software architecture role

- The may flavors of architecture: product, software, solutions, enterprise etc.

- The lack of consistent guidelines for developing as a professional IT industry architect

- Investments in architecture have not always been seen as positive, leading to disappointment

- Architects as cape-wearing super heroes and all of the confusion that can create

We aim to tackle this in this meetup with content and formats that go beyond the speaker/field of laptops pattern we see at a lot of meet-ups. Initial ideas (more welcome) look like this - we should think of having more than one of the below at a meeting if it makes sense:

- Panel Discussions

- Video + discussion

- Mingle/Problem solve

- Speaker speaking on a topic

- Training

- Hosted/facilitated hands on keyboards sessions where we build and destroy things

- Vendor presentation

- Off-Line collaboration: community lab, open source projects/experiments running in the lab, wiki/confluence dialog

And we think it makes sense to meet every 2 months in order to ensure ample time to form valuable meetings, let's discuss...see you on January 19th!

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