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Topic: Police Body Cameras: Technology, Policy, and Advocacy

Guest: Kathy Mitchell, Texas Electronic Privacy Coalition

Summary: Kathy will be discussing the privacy and data retention issues surrounding the coming widespread use of Police Body Cameras both in Austin and at large. Very soon, Austin police officers will be equipped with video cameras (body cams) that will always be on during encounters with the public. But the city has yet to finalize a policy around data collection, data privacy, data retention/expunction and public access. There is a strong interest in public access, especially for video related to misconduct or incidents in which a civilian is hurt or killed. There is also a strong interest in privacy for everyone who may be the subject of body camera video. This talk will walk through some of the options that are on the table for an APD body camera policy that encourages accountability while also protecting privacy. We will also discuss the process by which such a policy could be enacted, and what will happen if we enact no policy at all.


• Legislation authorizing body cams and setting the legal framework for Texas: 84(R) SB 158 - Enrolled version - Bill Text (

• City of Austin APD Bodycam page (

• City of Austin body cam vendor RFP (

• Current body cam policy ( to be replaced by one that addresses key issues: (Go to policy 303 at page 125.)


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