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Unconference for Charities and Non-Profits

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Unconference for Charities and Non-Profits


In the spirit of openness, an unconference allows us to collaborate, share and learn in a way that fits the needs of the room. There’s no structured programme, it’s an opportunity to create sessions and build our own agenda on the day.

It’s also a great chance to meet and network with your peers in an informal environment.

You can…
- present something you’re working on
- speak about something that interests you
- pose a problem or question to unpack
- challenge with debate

Anything goes as long as it relates to charities in a digital way, or open ways of working.

Check out the Session Leader Guidelines for details and tips on running a session at the Unconference (link in comment below).

::: Schedule :::
08:30: Arrive (hot drinks, fruit and light snacks available)
08:45: Intro & pitch your session idea
09:00: 25 min session 1 (2 streams)
09:30: 25 min session 2 (2 streams)
10:00: 25 min session 3 (2 streams)
10:30: Summary and Wrap up
11:00: Networking (30+ minutes) (breakfast pastries and snacks)

Join us and come prepared to get involved, share and learn.

::: Good to know :::
- As an inclusive event we have made sure the venue is accessible to those with mobility difficulties.
- Please let us know about any accessibility needs you have and we will endeavor to meet them.
- When you arrive you will be provided a bar code for scanning to enter the building.
- Once upstairs, our hosts will kindly request that attendees sign a digital NDA
- When you arrive, please get a hot drink in common area, then proceed directly to the main room for fruit and other snacks.
- Breakfast snacks such as pastries and bagels will be made available in the common area at the end of the event.
- Photos and notes will be collected for the sessions and shared afterwards.
Open Charity
Pivotal Software
211 Old Street · London
How to find us

Northwest of Old Street roundabout. Tube travelers use Old Street exit 4, turn right towards Bower building. Enter the building, turn right and proceed past cafe towards turnstiles and lifts beyond. Organisers will greet you at turnstiles.

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