What we're about

This is a meetup for anyone interested in open data, data science, data journalism and civic engagement in Durban, South Africa.

Open Cities Lab is a non-profit open and non-partisan organisation that combines the use of action research, co-design, data science, and technology with civic engagement to enable the development of inclusive cities and urban spaces. We work with civic technology partners such as Code for South Africa and Code for Africa, as well as local partners and stakeholders such as eThekwini Municipality and Urban Earth.

Any level of technical ability is welcome; all that is required is a desire to see Durban Data liberated.

If you are...

• a journalist or digital media junkie

• a developer or hacker

• a public employee (municipality, etc.)

• a data scientist, researcher, student, lecturer, etc.

• involved in an industry that uses data (i.e. everyone)

• interested in open data and the development of Durban

• interested in urban development or evidence-based planning

... you need to come to a meetup!

There is NO obligation to do anything more than turn up and listen, but there is an open invitation to get involved in whatever interests you.

As an organisation we are committed to...

- Holding meetups with guest speakers on data science / open data / urban development topics

- Hosting "unhackathons" where we get together for a Saturday to look at specific data problems and come up with innovative solutions or or build a useful or fun data tool

- Establishing a website and social awareness for the initiative

- Developing the website into a data portal for Durban

- Partnering with like-minded individuals and organisations to improve our city

- Building data tools which assist the functioning, civic engagement, information dissemination, and development of cities and urban spaces in South Africa

Here are some examples of Data Tools and Data Portals from cities around the world:

- Open Baltimore (https://data.baltimorecity.gov/

- London Data Store

- Code4SA

- Code for Africa (http://www.codeforafrica.org/

Check out our website at opencitieslab.org (https://opencitieslab.org/odd/home)!

We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

“We believe that through empowering citizens, building trust and accountability in civic space, and building capacity with government, we will enable participation in decision-making, evidence-based urban intervention, and inclusive co-design that will improve the lives of residents in urban spaces.”

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