What we're about

At the Open Film Lab we run miniaturised film productions: we pick a scene from a produced screenplay and in the span of a few hours we break it down, rehearse it, block it, and shoot it!

It is a space for fun, creativity and experimentation, yet guided by a professional approach to the filmmaking craft.

This is the perfect meetup for beginning and intermediate film professionals (actors, directors, writers and crew members) who want to broaden their understanding of filmmaking. It could either mean having the freedom to experiment within a craft you know already, or jumping from a crew role you are familiar with to something you’ve never tried before.


* How much on set experience do I need to have?

None at all is fine. This is actually the right place to gain some without the pressure of being part of an actual production, or the financial commitment of a film school.

* Is it a film class then?

I'll definitely be sharing my experience and my personal take on filmmaking, but it is not structured as a class. It's a session, in which hopefully we can all learn from each other.

* What if I’m not really that good?

This is not about giving us the best performance, capturing immaculately composed images, or recording perfect sound. This is about challenging ourselves - the end product is the least important outcome of the evening. However, this does not mean that we're here to goof around: everyone is expected to contribute to a fun but professional set atmosphere.

* Do you publicly release the videos you make?

No, only the people that are present at the evening have final access to the material, via a private link and a password. I will post some pictures though.

* I really want to play [that part] or be [that crew role]!

I do my best to make everyone happy but I cannot guarantee anything! If you don’t get to do what you wanted the first time, come back a second time!

* Is it OK if I google the script to find out which movie it is?

NO! The point is that we start from the same blank slate as the people that created the movie. Even knowing which actors got cast in the roles might influence your decisions and make you less spontaneous at the session.

* Should I come dressed in a specific way?

If you are able to, come dressed in neutral clothing. Avoid anything that is bright white!

* Why is this meetup not free like most others?

I am not profiting from this, but I want to at least cover the expenses! (room hire, consumables...)

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