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Open Heart Meditation & Reiki Tummo Healing ♡ Feel Peace, Calmness & Joy
Join us to share an enjoyable guided meditation & healing, where you will experience the peace, calmness and joy that are naturally in our hearts. There is no charge to come and enjoy the Open Heart Meditation & Reiki Tummo Healing, but a donation is welcome. See our Pages ( for further information about these natural, simple, beautiful and deep practices ♡ We hope you'll join us Monday evenings nights at 7:00! With Love & Light, Open Heart Cork : )

Quay Coop Rooms, Cove Street

18 Cove Street Beside Arrow Cabs, Upstairs · Cork

What we're about

"We are meant to be happy.

That has always been something we strive for in this life. In fact, if we look at the motivations behind our thoughts and action conscious and unconscious they are all to get us closer to the feeling, or at least the idea, of happiness.

Some of us have long asked why we cannot hold on to happiness. For all of the scholarship and human insights across the centuries, nobody has found a complete and enduring answer. Perhaps because it has been too close to see…

The answer, the key, is our heart."

~ Irmansyah Effendi, M.Sc., Founder Padmacahaya Institute

Open Heart Meditation is a very easy-to-learn, heart-centered meditation that helps you experience the peace and joy that is already within your heart, through the simple technique of relaxing, smiling and surrendering.

We have regular Meetups on Monday & Friday evenings, as well as other events throughout the year. At the Meetup we will walk you through the basic steps (relax, smile and surrender) of heart meditation so you can become familiar with the process, then we will do the Open Heart Meditation together.

Open Heart Meditation is a beautiful, guided meditation that connects our hearts to True Source, the Source of Love & Light (we use the non-denominational term "True Source" but you a free to use whatever word feels right for you- God, Spirit, Universe etc...). The Open Heart Meditation also helps cleanse negative energy and emotions from your heart and replace it with Love & Light in a very gentle, effortless way.

Most people feel very relaxed and peaceful after the Open Heart Meditation. With practice, as our heart becomes stronger, we become more peaceful, joyful and able to follow our heart's own inner guidance to be happier in our daily life.

Reiki Tummo is a gentle, yet effective, form of energy healing based on the heart. In Reiki Tummo we rely on our heart connection to channel Reiki, Divine Energy, to others and ourselves. With thousands of practitioners worldwide, Reiki Tummo has safely and successfully helped countless people all over the world. Reiki Tummo combines the Divine energy of Reiki with Kundalini fire for accelerated healing and cleansing of all the chakras. Reiki Tummo participants immediately have the ability to channel Reiki Tummo energy. In addition, the non-physical heart is accessed and strengthened. It is very good for relieving stress, clearing stuck emotions and energetic blockages, helping to bring balance and healing to your whole being.

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If you have any questions please contact us. We hope you'll join us!

With Love & Light,

Open Heart Cork : )

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