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This group is open to everyone in East Midlands, we are dedicated to sharing and providing a space where others may come to share and learn more about Spiritual Heart and Energy Healing (Reiki Tummo). We generally have FREE Open Heart Meditation on Wednesday evening and a FREE Reiki healing once a month.

Amazing day-long Open Heart Meditation workshops are also offered as well as day-long Reiki Tummo workshops. Please message me for details.

Through a series of gentle steps and courses, the Open Heart Meditation prepares the foundations to support your continuing spiritual growth and development. So come along and be prepared to smile, relax, and experience the sweet feelings of Love radiating from within your Heart :-)

Enjoy the Many Benefits of Open Heart Meditation™

Open Heart Meditation has helped many people to reduce their stress level and heal on a deep internal level, enabling them to cope better emotionally and allowing the natural healing process to happen much more quickly. In addition, we are able to:

• Live from our hearts with a greater sense of happiness, fulfillment, positivity, purpose, and gratitude

• Reduce daily stress and restore physical, mental and emotional well-being, enhancing the natural healing process

• Improve our spiritual growth and strengthen our direct connection with True Source, the Source of Love and Light

• Learn how to forgive others and ourselves, which is transformational when done through the heart

• Allow our heart to be cleansed of negative emotions, such as anger, sadness, fear, and dissatisfaction

• Achieve more joyful and meaningful meditations, even for those new to meditation practice.

The spiritual Heart, the key to deep calmness, inner peace, happiness and spiritual growth, is the foundation of Open Heart Meditation and Reiki Tummo.

Enjoy the Many Benefits of Reiki Tummo:

• Relieves stress and promotes relaxation and rejuvenation

• Enhances feelings of joy, peace, gratitude and well-being

• Clears stuck emotions and removes energetic blockages

• Helps improve physical and emotional health and wellness

• Safely and blissfully awakens your Kundalini

• Accelerates your spiritual growth

Reiki Tummo offers an energy system that incorporates learning about our spiritual hearts and energy bodies while healing physical, mental, emotional and other non-physical parts of our being.

This Derby based Meetup group is part of a global non-profit organisation, (Padmacahaya International Institute for Inner Study http://www.padmacahaya.org ), created for the purpose of educating and supporting individuals to realise and benefit from the experience of living a heart centered life that is the key to being healthier, happier and growing spiritually.

Open Heart Meditation is not a serious practice that involves hard work, creative visualisations or any sort of effort whatsoever. If it is being done properly it should feel light, gentle, peaceful, effortless…and fun! Want to know more? Contact Maria.

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ONLINE: Open Your Heart Meditation

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ONLINE: Open Your Heart Meditation

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