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    Joined Jan 22, 2014
    Looking forward to meeting everyone:)
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    Monday evening Open Heart Meditation. #Love School ... it's the best.
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    Joined Feb 15, 2012
    I happily discovered the Open Heart Meditation group in May 2011, I have attended every week since then! I have found it to be deeply blissful, and profoundly healing. My life has become much easier and more beautiful since discovering it.
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    I have been enjoying this simple practice for about 5 years and it has enhanced my life in so many beautiful ways giving joy, peace and calmness on a daily basis .... and to connect and realise who I really am and why I am here .. very grateful :-)
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    I discovered this practice about 8 years ago. Its become an invaluable key to peace and stability in my life... it is a profound practice.. and yet so simple.. and it is a joy to do!