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Open Meditation Circle Maastricht

As the name says this is an Open Meditation Group in Maastricht, where we are coming together once a week to sit and meditate together. Please feel welcomed to come along and join our group sittings. Everybody is welcomed.

Feel free to also have a look at my website: www.christianschiffer.com

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Upcoming events (5+)

Hatha-/Vinyasa Yoga

Professor Moserstraat 40a

Yoga can help us to find flexibility and stability in our body & mind. This class takes part in the lovely rooms of the Sport Atelier Maastricht. Everytime I come here I am fascinated what an awesome vibe David and Charlotte have created and how welcoming it feels to be there. We practice in a gentle way and the class is suitable for beginners as well as advanced practitioners of Yoga. Mats are already there for use. "Saying you are not flexible enough to practice Yoga is like saying you are not clean enough to take a shower."

Hatha-/Vinyasa Yoga

Achter de Barakken 13

We practice in the lovely and cozy room (stilteruimte, top floor) of the CityGym Maastricht and I am really grateful for this nice group. Usually we start with a small meditation and some breathing exercises and then move on to the more physical part of Yoga, the asanas. In the end we relax in Savasana (corpse pose). All levels are welcomed and it doesn't matter how flexible you are, feel free and invited to join in! :) A try-out class costs 5€ If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me. I am looking forward to see you there! Namasté, Christian

Mindful Evening

Capucijnengang 10

We come together to spend some time in silence, to go inwards, getting in touch with ourselves and our bodies... Afterwards there is time for sharing and exchanging and maybe enjoying a tea or drink together. If you are experienced or not doesn't matter, feel welcomed wherever you are with your meditation practice and in life. Please bring your own sitting utensils if you have got some. Knock on the front window, or call [masked] when you are there. Do come, Chris (PS: The event is on donation basis. I do not want to earn anything with it but donations are to contribute to heating the place, providing tea, etc...)

Stress Management

Boschstraat 21


In this workshop we will focus on how to cope with your stress in a healthy way. You will learn the underlying mechanisms of your stress experience, label your personal stress and scale them. Recognizing your irrational thoughts and changing them to rational thoughts. You will identify activities that give you energy and discover helping and non-helping behavior to lower your stress level. The workshop consists of group discussions and practical exercises. After the workshop you will receive a stress workbook at home to use whenever you need it. You will also leave the workshop with exercises that support you in tackling your irrational thoughts. About the facilitator: Drs. Birgit Veskioja-Vrolijk is an English, Estonian-speaking psychologist based in Maastricht focusing on helping the international community with psychological problems. In her therapy works she uses cognitive behavioral therapy, ACT, art therapy as well as mindfulness and motivational interviewing methods. She is a registered psychologist in the Netherlands and a member of The Dutch Association of Psychologists. You can find more information about her on her website www.internationalpsy.nl Contact Birgit: [masked]

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Mindful Evening

Capucijnengang 10

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