What we're about


Let's explore the city's open mic music scene together!

This group is for any music lover or musician who is curious to attend an open mic night or "jam night" in London and socialise at the same time.


"Who is this group for?"

It's for everyone and anyone - age/gender/orientation/race/style really doesn't matter. The aim is just to chill out and enjoy the show.

"Do I need to perform?"

Not at all, most people just come along to chill out and enjoy the show. It's mainly a social group.

"I want to play but I'm nervous about it. Is that okay?"

That's totally normal especially for beginners. You don't have to play but you can if you like as long as you book your own playing spot with the event. Personally, I always feel quite nervous about playing so I prefer to go first and get it out of the way ;-)

"Why is each event limited to around 10 people attending?"

Those numbers are just the people from our group! We're attending regular open mic events where lots of people are already going whether we show up or not. I'm limiting our numbers so that we don't risk flooding these events and preventing people from playing!


See: http://openmicfinder.co.uk/England/Greater-London/

If there is a particular open mic night you wish to attend with us...

1) Make sure it's free of charge for both performers and audience members

2) Make sure it's in London and close to a railway or tube station

3) Make sure it's open to different styles (not just a "blues night" for example)

4) Make sure you are committed to attending from the very start time of the event

5) Make sure you want to hang out with us at the event (i.e. socialise, not just perform)

6) Contact me at least 5 days before the event

7) Include venue details (i.e. their website or facebook page with info about the event)

8) I can then create an event here, book a table and tell people how to book playing spots

Looking forward to the next open mic!

Past events (21)

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Blueberry Bar Open Mic Night - Shoreditch

The Blueberry Bar

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