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This Meetup, is Traditional Japanese Reiki Share Mid-Cities DFW.

Up until 2023 I have enjoyed sharing American style Reiki with our Meetup members for over a decade but for the last year the name has been updated. Today we have over 900 members 11/23 and have presented over 250 Meetup Events since our beginning! We share lots of amazing Reiki stories from our healings, certification classes (offered separately) and how reiki has improved our lives in ways big and small. We laugh a lot! A LOT!

You may ask "What's the difference?" between American Style Reiki and Traditional Japanese Reiki. While I sincerely answer there is no difference and that most practitioners agree that "Reiki is Reiki" no matter who or where they practice, I find that now a wider approach is more deeply satisfying and effective for me now.

Is Reiki a thing? A noun? Is it a verb? Or is it a linear wave or particle form? Is it a technique or healing modality? Is it considered a "new age" fad? A religion? Come and feel it and see how you might describe it and all the answers to your questions. For me it is an imponderable spiritual practice which the mind cannot understand. But most can feel it regardless the description.

To explain further why the change in name; in 2018 I attended teacher training for Traditional Japanese Reiki which envelops hands-on, streamlined American style Reiki practice. This means I can now offer you Reiki practice in a full spectrum from simple hands-on practice to multi-sensory practice: write and speak Reiki Kanji symbols (Japanese terms) as well as learn meditations, breath work, chants and the spiritual elements of Reiki called the precepts.

My 30+ year Reiki journey started in 1993 and now I'm hoping you'll join me and make 2024 our best year yet!


Hannah Setu ~ Your Organizer for Traditional Japanese Reiki Share Mid-Cities (DFW) Meetup

Note: Remember you can just call/text me with any questions at 817.590.2257 (or use Meetup messaging on this site)

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