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Relax and Heal With Reiki on last Fridays (once a month)
Greetings Reiki Enthusiasts! It is time to get our Reiki on! Hello everybody! We are meeting once a month on Fridays now and for those who cannot make a Friday, we have a Thursday Share also once a month. Remember this is for everyone, regardless of your experience of Reiki! Also, I hope you will send me a note or post on the message board here any questions or suggestions on topics for our Meetups! Below is a repeat of the basic information on our Meetup: I define Reiki as a spiritually based self-care practice even though most people understand Reiki to be a healing touch practice used by nurses and massage therapists. My goal is to present Reiki as a "self-care" practice even though we will be giving and receiving Reiki as a group in our Meetups. Please come and learn for yourself how this practice takes no effort or discipline to give great benefit. I have practiced and taught Reiki for over 20 years and I am so excited to offer a way to learn about and experience Reiki in my comfortable Hurst office. Are you already a Reiki Practitioner? Are you health practitioner or a layman interested in learning Reiki practice? This evening is for you! We meetup in my office in Hurst. It is 7:00 to 9:30 PM and the location is just off Precinct Line Rd exit off Airport Fwy. The complete address is 1237 Southridge Ct. Ste 100F, Hurst, Tx, 76053 This evening will give you a chance to feel Reiki and have your questions answered about the history of Reiki as well as it's future. My office is very comfortable and there will be snacks and perhaps you'd like a cup of tea! I have 2 tables and will have both up if our group is large enough. Please call me at[masked] for any questions or further information. I am asking a $10 donation but it is not required! This is to cover basic expenses and you may RSVP here on Meetup regardless. Reiki sessions are done while you are lying on the table or sitting in a chair and you are fully clothed. You may receive Reiki or just come to observe and ask questions. Looking Forward to seeing you, Hannah Your Organizer Attended Didn't attend? ( Rate this Meetup (

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Welcome to Open Reiki Share Mid-Cities (DFW)! We are formerly known as Reiki, Self-Care & The Wise Dancer.(This is also the event site for Healthy Dancer for Life! Workshops.)

The purpose of this group is to offer a Meetup to experience Reiki, or just come and observe and ask questions about the the experience of Reiki.

This group was founded July of 2011 and now has over 500 members. We meet twice a month, one one Thursday and one Friday a month to make sure that all our busy members can come at least once a month!

The Meetup here is free to join! My daughter and I are Reiki III Practitioners and Instructors and professional dancers. I took my first Reiki class in 1993 and became a teacher of Reiki in 1996. My certificate is of the Usui lineage and my teacher is a 7th generation master, very close to the American source of Reiki which started in Hawaii in the last century.

More and more people are looking to Reiki for the wonderful relief it gives and also to find a self-care routine that really works. The practice of Reiki restores our natural intuitive connection we were born with and triggers our own ability to heal.

Reiki has helped me in self-care & personal development, a way that can strengthen mind, body & spirit. Most people are surprised to learn that Reiki healing is accomplished with very little effort as compared to other spiritual disciplines.

The practice of Reiki is one of the most delightful, relaxing and comfortable experiences imaginable. This Meetup is to introduce Reiki as a gentle, easy and complementary spiritual practice. This internationally known energy healing can be learned and enjoyed by anyone, even and especially children because there is no study involved!

This group is an open Reiki Share for the layman as well as already certified Reiki practitioners. "Open" means that this is a public website and there are no requirements to become a member. You need no experience to join. All Reiki enthusiasts are invited to this special Meetup who wants to stay healthy, active, and balanced. I would guess that would include just about everybody, right?

Whether you are new to Reiki or already a practitioner, you will benefit from this foundational form of energy healing. Please come and discover the power of Reiki for yourself! Even though Reiki is commonly believed to be a timeless practice, America's first Reiki gatherings started only 70 years ago! Please call me, Hannah, at 817.590.2257 if you have any questions. See you soon!

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