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Note for Wednesday March 20, 2019:

I booked the conference room Saguaro, but I'll wait just inside the front doors until about 6:00. When you park, make sure it's on the street (refer to the parking map in the photo album). When you come in, make sure to sign in on the iPad and say you're there to see Catherine Luse.


This is a meetup for people who want to start contributing to any open source project in any programming language. In this group we can bring our laptops, find issues to work on that are up-for-grabs, and get real-world development experience.

Why I made this group

I think that for a lot of people trying to break into the tech industry, we find ourselves facing a Catch-22 - we need experience to get a job, but we need a job to get experience. One way to break out of the Catch-22 is to collaborate on open source projects. If you start contributing to public projects, you will be able to honestly say in a job interview, "I have experience working on teams, where we collaborated on open source projects with Git," which makes you look really good. In addition to that, a lot of open source projects also cool, interesting, and rewarding to work on.

Who should join this group?

To join this group, you should have at least an intermediate grasp of how to code in at least one language, but it's okay if you are new to git, or new to contributing to open source projects. This is for people who want to work in pairs or small groups, possibly so they can get coding experience to put on a resume (preferably while also working on something that is meaningful and cool, in and of itself).

If you're not sure if you know enough about programming to contribute to open source, I recommend that you take a look at a list of open source tasks for beginners and see if there is anything on the list that you can do. Here are some lists aimed at beginners:



If you're a really experienced and talented programmer, you might find this group to be below your skill level. I myself can't claim to be an expert; I graduated from Galvanize, a six-month coding bootcamp in web development, but I have very little professional experience. Just be aware that I want this group to always be at least semi-beginner friendly, so if you are very experienced you might need to be patient with others. :)

What will we do in this group?

The first meeting will be somewhat of a meet-and-greet, combined with a practice session. But my vision for future meetups is that each participant will come into the meetup with a goal. When we meet, we will introduce ourselves, say what our goals and interests are, and say what areas we can help others with. In the beginning of the meeting I will make a Google Sheet with each person's name, what they want to work on, and what they can help others with. I will also make a schedule with pairs for Part 1 and Part 2 of the meetup. During Part 1, you can mentor someone and/or help them do something that they want to do. In Part 2, you can be the mentee and someone can try to help you. If you are highly skilled, you might not need a mentor, so you could do more mentoring. Likewise, if you don't know much, you might not be able to mentor anyone but other beginners who are learning what you just learned last month.

Where is the meetup?

I have access to the Galvanize building, which has plenty of space, white boards, and meeting rooms. You just need to bring a laptop. Because I have a day job, I can only meet during evenings and weekends, when Galvanize is closed, so I will need to use my key card to let you in. If you are late to the meetup, call me at (623) 853-7028 so I can let you in. The parking lot is closed when Galvanize is closed, so unless you are a student or Galvanize member, you will need to park on the street and then walk into the parking lot using the pedestrian gate. I uploaded a parking map that you can refer to.

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