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Happy 1st birthday, Open Garage!

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This will be the Open Garage's first birthday party! We started the Open Garage on November 24 2011 so we're going strong for one whole freaking year! Party! Cake and presents are welcome :) And make sure to bring your own drink!

And we'll have a very special guest to attend the birthday party! Mitch Altman (, soldering guru, hardware hacker, free culture advocate and founding father of the hackerspace movement, will be visiting our garage!

I'm especially looking forward to meet as many as possible visitors of the open garage in its first year. We'll also have some events that night (I'm looking forward to suggestions, maybe someone can man the BBQ?)!

First official Open Garage 3D printer race

Everyone who has a 3D printer, please bring your setup, as we'll organize our first official 3D printer race! I'm hoping we can bring together at least 5 printers of different makes. I'll open our living room for plenty of working space!

At 21:30, we will announce a multi-part thing from Thingiverse. The first printer to finish the "working" thing wins a prize. The printer to print the nicest looking model will also win a prize.

Plan on joining?

- Bring all of your kit (including a power strip with at least one spare outlet!!!).
- The race will be in our living room (no worries about winter cold environments).
- A printer can participate if a significant part of it is DIY, closed source machines will be disqualified at the discretion of the judges (Eric, Anthony, Mitch).
- At 21:30 (preheat by this time!) we'll announce the ID for a multipart thing on thingiverse (the thing will be available in SCAD format and as multiple STL files to be printed).
- Finished objects will be kept record of by the judges.
- At 00:00, the judges will assess which object was first to meet the objectives (it must "work", what that means will be obvious from the thing) for the "Fastest printer" prize.
- The judges will also select the nicest model (nice print? redesign? freestyle!) for the "Nicest print" prize.
- There's actual challenge cups, freebies, respect and karma to be won!

Confirmed participants (let me know if you want to join in!): Stefaan (printrbot), Benjamin (printrbot or other?), Walle (WALLE-01 or Prusa?), Johan (Ultimaker), Ivo (old-skool-mendel), Wim (Replicator Dual or Replicator 2?!), Mathias (Ultimaker), ... (?)

Soldering tutorial

Mitch will teach a soldering tutorial that night. You can learn to solder one of his TV-B-Gone (, a kit that lets you turn off annoying TVs, in restaurants, for example.

I have 10 tickets for those that are most enthusiastic and will make the most possible progress in such a course (sold out!). Each "student" will need to provide (ask someone if needed):

- soldering iron
- soldering iron stand
- sponge (for cleaning soldering iron tips)
- small wire cutter
- 2 AA batteries
- some cash (~20€) to pay for the kit

You will be provided with
- 1 TV-B-Gone ( kit
- some good, thin, 60/40 (Sn/Pb), rosin core solder
- 1 chair and table space
- 1 AC outlet
- expertise introduction from Mitch (who introduced thousands (!!!) of beginners to soldering) to bring your soldering skills up to par with the best nerds around

Claimed tickets: Fabs, Christophe VG, Els, buurvrouw Marie-Christine, Dirk, Mieke, Helene, Jeroen, Klaas, Tim

And as usual, bring a drink, a project and a friend!