Speed Storytelling: "Sharing Stories to Reduce Stigma"

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Connect with a neurodiverse and supporters tribe on a deeper level while up-leveling your storytelling game, and let's continue to create a world where all individuals, no matter their brain condition, feel hope to live openly.

Join Open Labs members to connect with new and old friends through "speed storytelling", gaining a new method to express yourself and openly engage with others to build understanding and deeper relationships.

We'll kick off with some improv-style warm ups, connecting mind and body and getting into the present moment and over awkward introductions with a laugh.

We'll rotate through pairs, using hot topics to fuel the speed rounds and sense of shared experience, with feedback provided by peers and professionals along the way to help you tell your story in a way that lands and inspires.

From there - if you're feeling green - we invite you to take the Grafenberg Theatre stage to share your newly finessed story(ies) and stage skills.

You'll leave with greater confidence in your storytelling skills - words and presence - greater pride in your or a loved one's brain health, and greater connection with fellow Open Labs members.

- Survey open
- Open, RYG, improv warm ups - 10 minutes
- Agenda, Storytelling Method Review & Learnings - 10 minutes
- Example - 3 minutes
- Breathing and Story Visualization - 3 minutes
- Partner & Practice - Roaming Mentors - 20 minutes
- Take the Stage!
- Survey close
- Takeaways
- What's next? 1. New friends or even deeper connections. 2. Share your story with someone beyond Open Labs and "enter" to win a prize! 2. Hone storytelling and learn new methods next quarter! Photography, music, poetry, comedy, dance and more!

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