Cancelled: National Day of Civic Action -- Criminal record expungement

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Update: Although we had intended to align with National Code for America activities surrounding criminal record clearance, and to chart a path for Mainers, it turns out that there is no legal process for us to help folks with. We have decided to cancel this Saturday special event, and to revert to our regular Thursday evening meetup in September, Thursday, September 19th. Please see the meetup event for that.

This is currently just a placeholder, so that Meetup members know this is coming. We still have to figure out the specific time and the location.

Please 'save the date' of September 21st; we will post more info here as details resolve.

We are participating the the Code for America National Day of Civic Action; here's their description: "This year’s theme is “Civic Action for Justice” and focuses on the criminal justice system and automatic record clearance as a path to remove barriers to employment, housing, and education for justice-impacted people. Importantly, NDoCH (Sept 21) coincides with National Expungement Week (N.E.W.) -- where dozens of local organizations across the country that work in the record clearance space will be organizing together to draw attention to this issue and provide relief to people impacted by the criminal justice system. This is an important opportunity to build partnerships with those who have been doing this work for a long time, support and add value to those efforts in unique ways, and amplify the stories and voices of those most impacted by this issue."