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Vision: Open Mind Club is envisioned to be a place where people find answers to life's many questions.

Mission: Open Mind Club has a mission of providing fun, comfort, enlightenment, counsel, peace and joy to its members and even to their loved ones and friends.

Culture: Open Mind Club is a place where people demonstrate mutual love, mutual care and mutual respect to one another.

Open Mind Club Meetup is focused on fun and intellectual discussion on things pertaining to the essence of life and other things that would broaden our knowledge and understanding. Many people are looking for answers to their so many questions in life. This is basically the purpose of this club, to provide possible answers to life's many questions. The discussion would be more of interactive using logic, critical thinking, quoting passages from Biblical references or other religious books and other possible basis for discussion. Everyone will be given a chance to share his/her thoughts. We encourage friendly and healthy discussion by learning to listen without rebutting to someone speaking and sharing his/her ideas. This is not a competition or a debate about who is right or wrong but this is more of learning the different thoughts about the essence of life from different perspectives. Let us all believe that if we are looking for the truth, the truth will be found along the way as our minds and hearts are open to the truth. Members are encouraged to invite their loved ones and friends. Only open minded persons are welcome to join.

For intersted persons, you may join the group OPEN MIND CLUB Meetup by simply signifying your interest to join by answering few of the questions. For more inquiries, you can reach me @ Globe 09173903279 or email: teddymacalagay@gmail.com. ,


Teddy Macalagay (Organizer)

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Topic: Should the Philippines emulate the Scandinavian Welfare System?
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OPEN MIND CLUB Meetup is on August 28, 2015 @ 6pm. Please RSVP your attendance.

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