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What is AI Privacy

How to Build A Safe Artificial Intelligence, it enables consumers to be able to supply sensitive data without risk (such as Finance, Health care sector). and as our Data Analyzers could train ML models on those data.

What is OpenMined

OpenMined is an open-source worldwide community focused on researching, developing, and promoting tools for secure, privacy-preserving machine learning technology. create an accessible ecosystem of tools for private, secure, multi-owner governed AI.

The methodology behind OpenMined Private AI

Industry-standard tools for artificial intelligence have been designed with data that is centralized into a single compute cluster, the cluster exists in a secure cloud, and the resulting models will be owned by a central authority.we are not restricted to this scenario - a world in which AI tools treat privacy, security, and multi-owner governance as first-class citizens.


About OpenMined Thailand

- Everyone who interested in Private AI, decentralize learning


- raise community awareness on Data Privacy to keep the integrity of our Data Analyzers professional.

- share the world modest AI privacy knowledge to the member of our Thai community, understand keys Deep Learning, Deep Learning with Pytorch, Differential Privacy, Local and Global Diff Privacy scale, Federated Learning and security, Blockchain cryptography,

- welcome techy dev with low-barrier-entry to share your code in the central Opensource system, with worldwide peers community.

- a community who open to discuss/share/exchange real use cases of AI applications that have made a positive impact on our world, to be a better world!

- COMMIT to active, happy learning space for everyone who looking to upskill your modest AI technology knowledge... Happy Learning with common interest peers. If we couldn't answer your question, we try on mine very best to get the answer back to you.

Let's Meet, joy with us, grab some food, snack and drink, chat with peers and HAPPY learning together !!

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